Handbook - Optimizing a software environment
This handbook is intended for use of destination management organizations to get basic knowledge in issues of optimizing destination web presentation. Here you can find basic forms of optimizing web sites as welll as Internet application forms to measure their success.

At present being on the web is not enough. This means a nice website with interesting graphics is not enough, but the website must also be found easily. In each area there are many similar websites providing the same or similar information or products. Try Google browser to enter your keyword and see if you are one of the first partition. If you are in a worse place than on the first page (to 10 points) you lose a huge amount of potential customers. Most people click on the first three places while only a minimum of users pass another side.

Newsletter – Liptov I
Newsletter on the basic information about the project Tatras together." It includes determination of the main objective and specific objectives of the project Tatras together", tips for visitors to the Liptov region for extending their summer holiday and a short description of attractions.

Newsletter - Zakopane I
Informations about the project Tatras Together".

Press conference - 21 July 2011 - Liptov
The first press conference on the project Tatras together" within the Cross-boarder Cooperation Programme Polish Republic – Slovak Republic 2007 – 2013. For more information, see the press release.