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Biuro Promocji Zakopanego (The Zakopane promotional office) is a self-governing cultural institution established by the Gminná rada (Town Council) on the basis of the ruling V/40/2003 on 29 January 2003.

The Zakopane promotional office began operating on 1 March 2003.

The extent of activities stipulated by the status sees to:

  • Performing general activities taking into consideration both individual and collective participation in culture in the broad sense of the word
  • Organizing cultural and recreational events
  • Carrying out local, national, and international activities as part of the process of European integration organized within the framework of statutory activities
  • Promoting cultural products and travel and tourism products in the Zakopané region.
  • Cooperating with self-governing bodies and cultural – educational establishments, institutions and associations with the aim of incorporating their offers in the cultural and tourism spots of interest in Zakopané promoting system.

Special tasks comprise:

  • Organizing the International Folklore Festival of Mountainous Regions
  • Organizing cultural, tourist and economic events in the region of Zakopané
  • Organizing the database in the sphere of culture, travel and tourism, and economy – tourist information bureau
  • Organizing mass events, conferences, exhibitions, courses and contests
  • Enhancing the tourist image of the Zakopané region through participating in travel and tourism fairs and exhibitions, publications on tourism, organizing projects of active tourism, cooperation with the Polish Travel and Tourism Organization and other tourist organizations   
  • Providing services in promotion and advertising, culture, popular education, printing industry, the Internet, entertainment and physical education.
  • Organizing art events
  • Preparing its own publications and cooperating with regional mass media

You are being invited by the Zakopane promotional office to join us in enhancing the positive image of the town.